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The Sereniity Resort in Lonavala offers an array of Serene Rooms, specifically designed to provide a relaxing and comfortable holiday environment for families. Each room is equipped with modern amenities to ensure a pleasant stay. Key features of the Serene Rooms include both single and double occupancy options, catering to the needs of different family sizes. To enhance your stay, the rooms are outfitted with satellite channels and Wi-Fi, ensuring entertainment and connectivity throughout your vacation. For added convenience, the rooms include air conditioning, ensuring a comfortable environment regardless of the outside temperature. The provision of 24x7 hot water and laundry facilities adds to the comfort, making it easier for families to manage their daily routines. Furthermore, the rooms are furnished with twin king-size beds, providing ample space and comfort for a restful sleep.

Room Facilities and Amenities

Single / Double Occupancy

  • Satellite Channels
  • Sereniity Resort Lonavala Wi-Fi
  • Sereniity Resort Lonavala Air Conditioning
  • Sereniity Resort Lonavala 24x7 Hot Water
  • Sereniity Resort Lonavala Laundry Facilities
  • Sereniity Resort Lonavala Twin King size Bed

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