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Sereniity Resort in Lonavala

Luxury At Your Service With Sereniity Resort

Lonavala is one of the most serene hill stations of Maharashtra which is in the center of Mumbai and Pune. One of the most precious jewels of Sahyadri hills is Lonavala.


This hill station is nothing less than a luxury in Maharashtra and it is flooded with tourists from all over India as well as from abroad. Lonavala is serene and has an enthralling natural beauty that has been attracting tourists over the years. Surrounded by hills, dams, and the purest form of nature and vegetation this city though limited in area has been everyone’s favorite. 


Tourists who visit Lonavala once cannot resist visiting again and again. The calmness and soothing nature of Lonavala is what make it most desirable. It has a special fragrance of nature, purity, sereniity, culture, and essence of its own embedded in the valleys and hills. 


Considering all this we have established our remarkable presence at this unique and adventurous nature flooded hill-station which suits the place starting with its name. 


SereniityResort is a specially curated homely and luxurious go-to vacation place in Lonavala. We have built our resort in Tungarli which is 2200 feet above sea level. It has Tungarli lake and a dam in its surrounding and we have a variety of rooms and properties to offer to our customers. 


What are the special occasions you can enjoy at Sereniity Resort?


Considering the need of the era, destination, and location parties are something that we offer our customers. There are many occasions in which you can sit back and enjoy yourself without having to worry about preparations and other responsibilities. 


So, when visiting Lonavala for the following purposes you can be rest assured of our exquisite services, let us know in detail:


Serene and Luxurious Vacay:

The sole purpose of Sereniity resort starts with giving you and your loved ones at soulful and luxurious vacay! The best way to get away and enjoy the most amazing time peacefully with the best of people is by enjoying it at Sereniity Resort in Lonavala. 


Here you can sit, relax and embrace the chilling weather along with perfectly blended rooms designed for our guests with flexible and affordable packages. We have 3 types of rooms and each room is exquisite and fulfilling. You can choose any room as per requirement and enjoy an elite and intimate vacation with your close groups or with your special someone. 


Family and Friends gatherings:

Nowadays, everyone wants to enjoy amazing fancy gatherings. Many are always looking for places to collectively have fun with family and friends. And what if you get to enjoy it at an amazing location like Lonavala? Wouldn’t it be the best experience?


So, at Sereniity Resort you can arrange and celebrate such amazing gatherings in a very intimate yet luxurious way. We at Sereniity Resort will help you with all the arrangements and make you and your guests feel comfortable and relaxed throughout your time in Lonavala.


The best part is that you can enjoy nature's beauty and also go on a small group tour to take the feel of Lonavala and the wind in your hair. So, book your special group outing with us soon!


Wedding Destination:


Sereniity Resort apart from being a vacation and outing space is also a place where you can arrange and plan weddings at. If you are a fan of destination weddings then you must know that Lonavala is the best destination where you don’t have to worry about humidity and can just flaunt the best of your heavy wedding outfits effortlessly in a cool breezy environment. 


We are very keen on planning and carrying out weddings for our customers. Our staff is well efficient to make any wedding successful and grand. We assure to provide you with all that is luxurious and suits your wedding requirements and will help to make your dream wedding come true. 


Chilling Villas:


Villas are the coolest space to have a fun time with your friend's group to enjoy night-outs and weekend vibes. Sereniity resort has the best villas where you can drop by with your group and chill on weekends. Villas are the best way you can club your night-out expectations with vacation feels. When you plan sleepovers at your or a friend's home you have to plan and arrange for everything as a host. This makes it difficult for the host to sit and enjoy the time with friends. 


Villas are best when it comes to making such arrangements hassle-free and relaxing. Thus, at Sereniity Resort you can enjoy and take the feel of such amazingly chilling villas surrounded by nature. Also, you can experience the city and go to explore mountains, lakes, and dams along with local food and culture.



Apart from all this the Resort is a fun place with various amenities and has Lake and dam surrounding it. Apart from fun and enjoyment, Sereniity Resort is also known for arranging corporate gatherings and meetings. People from various industries come here for conferences, seminars, and webinars at our conference and banquet halls. This is where you can explore ideas and businesses and expand your business by extending hands with us. 

Sereniity Resort is a one-shot solution for all your outings, celebrations, and gatherings in Lonavala. Anyone who is looking for a special, subtle, and serene way of relaxation must find themselves creating their weekend dwellings here at Sereniity Resort in Lonavala.

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