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Sereniity Resort in Lonavala

Embark on a Serene Family Vacation: Creating Timeless Memories at Sereniity Resort

Amid our bustling lives, the importance of quality family time cannot be overstated. Sereniity Resort, located at the prime spot in Tungarli, Lonavala, emerges as the best place for a family vacation in India. Situated 2200 feet above sea level, this serene retreat provides a picturesque setting and a unique opportunity to craft the best family vacations and create timeless memories together.  Let's explore the five compelling reasons why Sereniity Resort is the perfect destination for your family getaway.


Discovering the Best Family Vacations: Why Sereniity Resort Stands Out


  •  Serene Escape Above Sea Level:

Sereniity Resort, one of India's best family vacation spots, stands tall at 2,200 feet above sea level. The elevated location provides a tranquil escape, offering breathtaking views and crisp mountain air. It's not just a vacation; it's an elevation of your spirits amidst nature's beauty, making it the perfect backdrop for the best family vacations.


  •  Historical Charm Amidst Modern Comforts:

Built in the British era, Sereniity Resort combines historic charm with modern comforts. This fusion creates an ambience that takes you on a journey through time while ensuring your family enjoys all the luxuries of the present. It's more than just a getaway; it's a historical retreat.


  •  Adventure Beckons at Tungarli Lake & Dam:

Adjacent to The Lagoona, Sereniity Resort offers families more than just a place to stay—it provides an adventurous playground at the 'Tungarli Lake & dam.' Here, the youth find their haven, climbing mountain tops to the dam and engaging in the exhilarating activity of rappelling. It's the perfect setting for families seeking an adventurous edge to their best vacations.


  •  Backpack Camping Paradise:

For families seeking the best family vacations, especially those with a penchant for adventure, Sereniity Resort is an excellent place for backpack camping. Surrounded by the lush beauty of Tungarli, it provides a unique opportunity to connect with nature, offering a camping experience beyond the ordinary. It's the ideal retreat for families looking to make memories together.


  •  Unwind and take a Family Vacation in Nature's Embrace:

Sereniity Resort, touted as one of India's best family vacation spots, embraces families with serene surroundings and proximity to The Lagoona. It sets the stage for families to unwind through a leisurely walk amidst nature, taking in the scenic beauty, or simply enjoying quality time by the dam. Every moment at the resort becomes an opportunity to make lasting memories together.



Sereniity Resort isn't just a destination; it's the answer to your quest for the best family vacations. This haven caters to every family member, from historical charm to adventurous escapades. Pack your bags, leave the chaos behind, and embark on a journey to Sereniity Resort—where family togetherness meets the serenity of nature. Your unforgettable family vacation awaits, promising the creation of timeless memories together.

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