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Sereniity Resort in Lonavala

Lonavala Romantic Getaway Of All Times

Imagine you are going on a date with your partner at an adventure park to spend the most active, cheerful, and enthusiastic time together, or how about going to some cafe to sip a coffee and relax on work days? Will it be a little extra to ask for a very intimate and romantic evening dinner with a glass of wine making it the perfect end of the day? 

Also, what if to add to all of this you get to spend the entire weekend romantically chattering and gazing at the night sky, stars, valleys, and hills while you go to lakes for long walks hand in hand with your partner? 

Doesn't all this sound so exciting, romantic, and just so perfect like a novel?

How amazing will it be if we can club all of this and enjoy a romantic couple's private and intimate getaway?  


So, one of such perfectly blended and brewed undeniably couple's go-to locations cannot be anything other than Lonavala. 

In Lonavala, you have many reasons and ways of fulfilling your wishes and desires of enjoying cool weather, a breezy climate, and chilled hilly areas surrounding your privacy-driven lifestyle. Here you can enjoy all of the desired couple-oriented activities and definitions of romances by adding a subtle touch of nature and luxury to it. 

Lonavala is a hill station flooded with natural beauty, serenity, luxury, and the essence of love in its air. Here you can experience the best of love, romance, and sugar spice everything nice with a hint of dreamy paradise. You have a lot to explore when it comes to climate, culture, cuisine, nature, history, art, adventure, and much more.

Serenity is the best-suited attribute to the land of chills and hills. And thus, we have adopted and adapted to it. 


Sereniity Resort in Lonavala is the best place for you to drop by and enjoy the perfect blend of a brewing romance and thrilling weather with luxurious add-ons to it. 

After you choose Sereniity Resort for a perfectly crafted stay as a couple you will get to enjoy the best of Lonavala as we bring to you the places you must not miss when you are in Lonavala. 

In this blog, we have penned down the special places for a couple's outings and dates in Lonavala.  

Following are the most romantic places which every couple should add to their list after selecting Lonavala as their location: 

There are many amazing points, places, and picturesque options to visit in Lonavala. Starting from the lush green hills and mountain peaks of Sahyadri which have given the best of peaks and points of tourist attraction to the cultural heritages, caves, and art museums. You will find it all in one place. 

So let us know more about the same to get you an idea of what it is like to explore Lonavala. 


Peaks and Points: 


Tiger's Leap: 

One of the exquisite points in Lonavala is Tiger's Leap point. It is a cliff and is one of the steepest falling hills in Lonavala. The name of this point is derived from its shape which appears to be like a leaping tiger in the real sense. 

Lonavala has always seen tourists getting excited and mesmerized by the view, beauty, and landscape experience at this point. It is famous for sunrise and sunset while one can see the Western Ghats and apprehensive hills from here. 


Lion's Point: 

Neighbors of each other, Lion's Point and Tiger's point are very intriguing by their names. The name of Lion's Point has been derived from the Lions Club community in the area. This point is in the direct neighborhood of Tiger's point but has more to explore apart from nature and scenic beauty. Here you can enjoy the best of weather, food,  adventure, etc. As it is surrounded by Imagica, Narayani Devi Temple, Forts, and peaks which you can view from the point. From here you can also see the cliff of Tiger's point from afar. 


Duke's Nose (Nagphani):

This point is named after Duke Wellington whose nose the point resembles. The point is also called the Nagphani point as it resembles the shape of a snake's hood. This point is well known for trekking and adventure. People who love trekking and hiking come here and enjoy the best of adventurous activities. 


Lakes and Dams: 


Bhushi Dam: 

One of the most well-known dams in Maharashtra, the Bhushi dam is a famous picnic spot. It is a masonry dam built by the government and the land is owned by Railways. This dam is built on the Indrayani river. 


Pavana Lake:

One of the most famous lakes of Maharashtra that is a major tourist attraction is Pavana Lake. This lake is surrounded by natural vegetation, flora, and fauna and is one of the best camping experiences. The camps built by the lakeside are one of the most romantic and adventurous spots. 

Apart from living in a natural environment and surrounded by an attractive scenic view, Pavana Lake camping is the best way to enjoy the night sky and star gazing experiences. 


Tungarli lake:

One of the amazing hilltop lakes of Maharashtra. This lake gives a complete view of the Rajmachi and Lohagad forts. The beauty of this lake is again incomparable. This lake also offers campsites for the camping experience. This beautiful lake is located surrounding our hotel. 


History, Art, and Culture:




Rajmachi and Lohagad forts:

You can see beautiful landscapes and architecture of Maharashtra which are prominent features of these two forts. Rajmachi is one of the most beautiful forts and the top view is sacred and serene with soothing ghats and landscapes. While Lohagad fort is the best example of architectural skills at the time of Shivaji Maharaj. This fort in a real sense is a perfect example of strength. 


Tikona Fort: 

One of the toughest considered forts of Maharashtra, Tikona is an adventurous fort. It is the dominant hill of Maval. It is triangular and looks pyramidal. It is also known as Vitangad and is a very difficult yet desired place to visit in Lonavala. 




Karla and Bhaja caves:

Bhaja cave is one of the Buddhist archaeological monuments of national importance. This cave represents Buddhist architecture and structures. Which is well-built and crafted. 

Karla caves are also one of the major tourist spots in Maharashtra. It is also an ancient Buddhist cave in Maharashtra and is located in Karli village near Lonavala. 



The famous wax museum is one of the most exciting places for celebrities. People enjoy clicking photos with the wax statues in the museum. There are statues of celebrities like Kapil Dev, Shivaji Maharaj, etc. These statues are exceptionally crafted. 



So apart from being the best one of the best places to relax and enjoy the scenic beauty. Lonavala has many places, reasons, and ways to explore the best of experiences and moments in life. 

This is perfectly complemented and adapted to the luxurious experience of a soothing and serene vacation experience at our Sereniity Resort in Lonavala. 

Here you can relax and have a great time with your loved ones by enjoying a private and intimate date-like experience throughout your stay. 

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