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Sereniity Resort

Sereniity Resort in Lonavala

Explore Romantic Getaway resorts near Pune.


A wonderful approach to escaping the every day and making new memories with your sweetheart is to go on a romantic holiday. Maharashtra is fortunate to have a wide selection of resorts that appeal to couples looking for seclusion, comfort, and lovely settings. Maharashtra has it all, whether you're seeking peaceful hill villages, pristine beaches, or opulent heritage homes. Here are some of the resorts that are known for providing a wonderful experience and are the most romantically stunning close to Pune.


Sereniity Resort:

Serenity Resort in Tungarli, Lonavala, holds a prominent position, nestled beautifully next to The Lagoona. Perched at an elevation of 2200 feet, this tranquil oasis offers a serene escape. Nearby, the British-era Tungarli Lake & Dam provides a picturesque backdrop for mountain climbing and rappelling, making it a popular destination for adventure-seeking young people. For backpackers, it's an ideal spot for camping amidst the tranquil surroundings. The region also boasts a few celebrity bungalows, adding a touch of glamour to the area. Lonavala is a beloved destination for those seeking moments of peace, rejuvenation, and ample opportunities for trekking and exploring the wonders of nature. Whether it's families, honeymooners, office gatherings, conferences, training programs, or college groups, Lonavala appeals to people of all ages and profiles, making it the preferred destination for a diverse range of travelers.


Paradise Resort, Panshet:

The Paradise resort, which offers 4 different styles of homes, is tucked away in the Sahyadri range distant from the sounds of the city. The rooms with private verandahs, flat screens, and mini-fridges to keep your drinks chilled are the log cabins and Kerala historical homes, which are the most popular choices. The resort features multi-utility spaces, a multi-food restaurant, and upscale Maharashtrian cuisine cooked over coals. The resort provides unique packages for individuals who would like to indulge in BBQ delicacies.


Ambrosia Resort, Bavdhan Khurd:

The Ambrosia, one of the upscale resorts for couples near Pune, provides a friendly setting for couples to unwind and indulge in some quality time together. Modern design principles were used to create big rooms that make visitors feel at home. The resort also guarantees to offer unmatched comfort at affordable rates, and a variety of fantastic sightseeing alternatives are close by. Additionally, it boasts delectable food in its international eateries. Great team-building activities may be scheduled in the spacious area, and if you're looking for a spa, the resort won't let you down.


Radisson Blu Resort & Spa, Alibaug:

Dine at the on-site Aparanta, which serves gourmet treats from foreign cuisine and also has a unique children's menu, and enjoy the peace and tranquillity of sumptuous suites with contemporary furniture that are stylishly constructed. Take a relaxing dip in the lovely outdoor pool or go for a morning run on the running trail. Utilize the spa and sauna facilities to rejuvenate and unwind, which will do wonders for your soul.  Stay at the premium, all-inclusive Radisson Blu Resort & Spa Alibaug and enjoy the rich nature and sandy beaches nearby.


Centurion Spring Hills Holiday Resort, Lavasa link road:

The 26 well-equipped rooms at Spring Hills, one of the top resorts for couples near Pune, are exquisitely constructed to captivate visitors. Here, the stunning Khabanas have been created specifically for the enchanted evenings that every couple dreams of.

Get on the rooftop known as Moonlight if you want to spend time with your spouse beneath dreamy skies. The Gardenia provides a lovely garden restaurant with both continental and Asian cuisines for food enthusiasts. You can dance on the spacious dance floor at the O Kit lounge bar while listening to upbeat music. Take a cool dip in the outdoor pool or test your skills in indoor and outdoor activities.


Piccadle Resort, Old Mumbai Pune Highway:

The opulent boutique hotel is a revelation for peace and tranquillity seekers. The resort has 65 opulent rooms, each with wood floors and beautiful artwork covering the walls. With upgraded bathrooms, a mini refrigerator, a hair dryer, a separate mirror for shaving, and an electric kettle, all of the rooms have a stylish contemporary feel. It is a lovely spot to stay with your loved ones in Pune.  Here, you may find a fast food restaurant for a quick snack as well as a lavish multi-cuisine restaurant, as well as a stylish lounge bar with upbeat music and wonderful beverages to spend your evenings in. In addition to a sizable water park to combat the heat, the hotel offers its guests a swimming pool, spa, and Jacuzzi.


Bella Vista Resort, Mahabaleshwar:

Bela Vista Resort, located in Mahabaleshwar, India, offers a serene environment with stunning panoramic views. The resort offers spacious rooms and luxurious suites, with modern amenities. It offers a swimming pool, spa, wellness center, multi-cuisine restaurant, bar, and garden area. The resort also offers indoor and outdoor games, attractions, and activities for couples to enjoy. Special romantic experiences include candlelit dinners, couples’ spa treatments, and nature walks. To ensure a memorable stay, check reviews and availability before booking.


Elysium Resort, Alibaug:

Elysium Resort, located in Alibaug, Maharashtra, India, offers a serene ambiance and beautiful surroundings. The resort offers spacious rooms, cottages, and villas, with well-appointed facilities. The resort offers a swimming pool, spa, wellness center, multi-cuisine restaurant, bar, and gardens. Alibaug is known for its pristine beaches, historic forts, and water sports activities. Elysium Resort focuses on relaxation and rejuvenation, offering spa treatments, yoga sessions, and meditation classes. To ensure a perfect stay, guests should check the latest reviews and availability before booking.



Pune offers numerous romantic getaway destinations, including hill stations, scenic backwaters, and luxurious resorts. These destinations provide a serene backdrop for couples to escape routines and create cherished memories. Activities include candlelit dinners, adventurous treks, and spa treatments. These destinations offer privacy, comfort, and hospitality, allowing couples to relax, reconnect, and rejuvenate their love.

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